Here are the REAL MEANING and EASY DEFINITIONS of  some hard Vocabulary words!! HOME SCHOOLERS AND TEACHERS –USE THIS! 

• Easy Definition: To cancel or make something worthless
• Type of word: Verb
• Synonyms: Abolish, Void, Reject
• How to use in a Sentence: “I will ABROGATE your loan agreement”.

• Easy Definition:  To give in
• Type of Word: Verb
• Synonyms: To submit; To allow; To put up with something
• Used in a Sentence: “I  hate getting my face painted, but I ACQUIESCE for my kids.”

• Easy Definition: Even though
• Type of Word: Conjunction
• Synonyms: But, Although, Except,
• How to use in a Sentence: “I want to go shopping, ALBEIT I have no money”.

• Easy Definition: To have good common sense 
• Type of Word: Noun
• Synonyms: Sharpness, To Make Good Decisions
• Used in a Sentence: “Because of his technical ACUMEN, he helps us with our computer problems”.

• Easy Definition: A good coincidence; Something that works to someone’s favor
• Type of Word: Adjective
• Synonyms: Fortunate, Promising, Timely, Hopeful, Successful
• Used in a Sentence: “He was excellent with numbers which made him an AUSPICIOUS businessman.”

• Easy Definition: Over praising a person
• Type of word: Noun
• Synonyms: Flattery, Worship, Idolize
• Used in a Sentence: “They gave much ADULATION to that actress”.

• Easy Definition: A smart saying that is true in life 
• Type of Word: Noun
• Synonyms: A Proverb / A Smart Phrase
• Used in a Sentence: “My favorite APHORISM is “IF IT AIN’T BROKE, DON’T FIX IT”.

• Easy Definition: Something that wears down over time
• Type of Word: Noun
• Synonyms: Erosion, Grinding, Wearing away
• Used in a Sentence: “The ATTRITION of his car engine is due to its mileage.”

• Easy Definition: Very Greedy or Greediness
• Type of Word: Noun
• Synonyms: Money-Hungry, A unhealthy love of money,
• Used in a Sentence: “He has an AVARICE nature, that’s why he stole that money”.

• Easy Definition: To Cover up something or Deceive
• Type of Word: Verb
• Synonyms: Mislead, Disguise, Conceal
• Used in a Sentence: “To BELIE the way he really felt about his boss, he always gave him a gift.”

• Easy Definition: To trick a person into doing what you want
• Type of Word: Verb
• Synonyms: Trick, Mislead, To Fool;
• Used in a Sentence: They told everyone their business was a charity to BEGUILE people of their money”.

Easy Definition: To split in half or in two
• Type of Word: Verb
• Synonyms: Divide, Split, Separate, Branch Off
• Used in a Sentence: “The road BIFURACATES up ahead”.

• Easy Definition: Something that only has 2 parts
• Type of Word: Adjective
• Synonyms: Two, Duplicate, Double, Twice
• Used in a Sentence: “Only computers understand BINARY numbers.”

• Easy Definition: A type of caution or warning
• Type of Word: Noun
• Synonyms: Beware, Limitation, Red Flag
• Used in a Sentence: “This store sells the cheapest Tv’s, but the CAVEAT is that they are all used.”