ALEXANDER THE GREAT: Alexander The Great was an ancient King who ruled over Macedonia as well as Persia, Babylonia and parts of Asia. He was born in 356 B.C. His father was KING PHILIP OF MACEDONIA and his mother was QUEEN OLYMPIA. ALEXANDER died of malaria in 323 B.C. Alexander the Great had two children, Herakles and Alexander. Both were killed at a young age.

AMERICAN REVOLUTION: In 1765 America decided to reject the authority and taxes of Great Britain. This lead to the AMERICAN REVOLUTION. This war lasted from 1765 and ended with a Peace Treaty called THE TREATY OF PARIS in 1783.

ANGLO SAXON: The ANGLO-SAXONS were a tribe from Germany and parts of Denmark. They invaded the following countries: ENGLAND, NORTHERN ITALY and parts of NORTH AFRICA. The English Language is named after the word “ANGLES”. The Anglo Saxon rule came to an end in the year 1066, when a king named WILLIAM OF NORMANDY defeated them.

ANCIENT EGYPT: ANCIENT EGYPT was an advanced, cultured and beautiful civilization in Africa. The original name for Egypt is MIZRAIM (which was a son of Ham and therefore Grandson of Noah). This country created and developed marvelous structures, mathematical equations and astronomy.

ANNE FRANK: Anne Frank was a young Jewish girl born in Frankfurt, Germany in 1929. She often wrote in her Diary that came to be known as THE DAIRY OF ANNE FRANK. Sadly, this young girl was killed by Nazis in the year 1945. There is a memory celebrating her life in Amsterdam called THE ANNE FRANK MUSEUM.

MAGNA CARTA (GREAT CHARTER” in Latin): The MAGNA CARTA was written in the year 1215. It was drawn up by King John of England as a peace treaty with Laws that should be followed. At that time, King John needed a peace treaty because some rebels had captured London from him. In the end, no one followed the rules that were written in the MAGNA CARTA, so King John had the Pope cancel it.


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