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I love to explain technology, law terms and anything else that is hard to understand so EVERYONE including a baby inside their mamma's womb can understand it!!! I love helping people learn, the easy way!

Videos that make you LAUGH & LEARN!

I love to learn! I also laugh to make people laugh (and laugh while doing it). I love to help people learn about technology terms because these terms are often not “broken down” so the every day person can understand them. Recently I did a video series explaining the definition of the Amazon Echo, Dot and Tap and the difference between all 3 (including price wise). This was done all while making folks crack up to their elbows (I HOPE LOL). Let me know how you like these videos. Post back on this post.



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I’m mad that the word doesn’t mean Tether Ball anymore! Remember that recess game with the ball going around that pole in the tire with cement? Lol!  But seriously I get upset at these new tech words that folks at Verizon think it’s something you are suppose to REALLY UNDERSTAND AND KNOW like paying your car note. 

I made a video because I got tired of it not being broken down into words that folks understand.

Let me know how you like it and please leave comments.